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Pre-Construction Associates, AutoCAD Drafters, Insurance Associates,
and Other Professionals

Who Are We?

NightOwl Consulting was founded with the desire for more! More for our clients and more for our employees.

As a global business service (GBS) provider, our clients experience next-level support that delivers extraordinary production accompanied by ease.

We have first-hand experience in customizing the business path to provide a whole team experience at a reduced cost. Let us build out your 12-man team at the price of 2!

Client Satisfaction
0 %+
Employee Retention Rate
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Average Cost Reduction
0 -65%



Launching a construction project? Our pre-construction associates excel in feasibility studies, cost estimates, procurement strategies, and risk analysis.


Precision and accuracy define our AutoCAD drafting services. Catering to sectors like architecture, engineering, and design, our drafters transform concepts into detailed blueprints.


Ensure financial clarity with our bookkeeping services. Our bookkeepers specialize in financial record-keeping, meticulously record, categorize, and present your transactions.


Protect your venture with customized insurance solutions. Our insurance associates are adept in risk assessment, policy customization, and claims management.

$500 Monthly
Seat Fee

Fixed Monthly

No Long Term Contracts

No Hidden

Our key

NightOwl Consulting has the experience and expertise to build your team. From recruitment to training to ongoing support, we are with you from Day 1. We will show you the tips and tricks for success!




NOC takes a holistic approach to the hiring process. After we post your approved job description, all applicants take an IQ, EQ, and Work Productivity test. Then, one of NOC’s US-based personnel has an initial interview with the candidate before introducing them to your team. 

Schedule a meeting with NOC at the Book an Appointment button below. From there, we will schedule an initial call to discuss the candidates your business is looking for. 

Most of our clients save 50-65% per role in salaries. Our transparent cost-plus pricing model makes it easy to discover your exact savings!

Any NOC employee hired works full-time exclusively for your company doing your tasks.

Yes, that’s our specialty! We tailor-build and grow your teams to support your company best.

There are two possible setups: Work From Home or In Office. Our more popular setup is work from home.

Our cost-plus pricing is transparent and itemized for your ease of use. We send you a packet for every new hire outlining the salary, benefits, and other costs, plus the management fee from NOC. 


We’ve been in your shoes and know the path to success for you and your new global teammates!

Maximize your team!

Businesses get the most from their employees when they love coming to work. As a business partner, NOC provides employees a strong culture of engagement by investing in clubs and more!


Once you hire your global team, NOC works with you to develop scalable and effective training.

We work on your time!

NOC works in your time zone and is available 24/7 to support you and your team! Have confidence knowing you are talking with a real person – not a support ticket.

Family mindset!

We care for our employees and work with clients who care about their global impact. From professional development courses to cultural events, NOC cares about its employees’ growth! 

Customized offshoring is a tailored solution that allows businesses to select and outsource specific tasks or processes that best fit their needs. This approach allows companies to optimize resources, increase efficiency, and save time and money.

Are there limits to what NOC can do?

No! NOC can work with any industry/remote role to find success.