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Disclosure Analyst
Use Case

Close faster with a dedicated disclosure analyst who ensures your loans move quickly!  Who guarantees that the company’s disclosures, including financial statements and reports, comply with these regulations.

objective of the role

As you grow your business, support your team with a trained, organized, and strong Loan Officer Assistant. NOC PH LOAs take responsibility for the clerical tasks needed to close loans and proactively communicate so your team is constantly in sync!

key responsibilities

  • Prepare, generate, and deliver accurate initial mortgage loan disclosures within TRID guidelines with a primary focus on conventional loan products.
  • Analyze escrow data, loan terms and structure, cash to close to ensure compliance.
  • Coordinate receipt of accurate title fee sheet.
  • Manage requests to disclose updated fees and rework loans as necessary.
  • Read, implement and keep track of updates and make changes to workflow, policies, and product as they occur.
  • Working knowledge of federal lending regulations, CFPB, and TRID requirements for Mortgage disclosures.
  • Working knowledge of 1st mortgage products to include pricing requirements.
  • Knowledge of Mortgage lending business terminology and process flow.

Additional TASKS

  • Read and understand disclosure notes from the loan team.
  • Log in the file received to the disclosure tracker.
  • Open escrow and title docs.
  • Review purchase contracts and enter file contacts.
  • Pull smart fees.
  • Complete 2015 Itemization.
  • Clear any fatal errors and/or hard stops.
  • Send the disclosure file to the borrower through Blend.
  • Communicate with the loan team that the disclosure package has been sent and completed.

Data Points

  • 114 sets received and prepared in 21 days.
  • 1 set of disclosures finished in 60 minutes.
  • On average, when the loan team requests disclosures, within 24 hours, the file is disclosed, scrubbed, signed by the borrower & the loan is assigned to the processor!
    • At 5-6 loans per day

One Time Onboarding Fee


Average Monthly Cost

$1,600 - $2,000

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