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Executive Assistant
Use Case

Utility player to assist all stages of the loan process and provide support to the LO, Preapproval Team, Processing and much more!

objective of the role

An experienced executive assistant acts as a gatekeeper – managing communication, scheduling, and administrative tasks to free up your valuable time. A NOC EA continually learns in the role and takes on repeatable tasks done by the executive to open up their day-to-day to strategic thinking.

key responsibilities

  • Email management
    • Prioritizes emails, flags and reads through emails, replies on the manager’s behalf
  • Acts as liaison with internal and external contacts
  • Concur Expenses
  • Attends various meetings and takes notes; prepares meeting minutes for editing and distributes minute summaries
  • Manage confidential, time-sensitive internal and external communications
  • Manages team’s calendar and schedules meetings
  • Prepares agendas and materials for meetings
  • Works closely to stay on task daily with updates and remind for follow-ups
  • Assisting with any task to make the EVP’s life easier and seamless
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize as needed
  • Manage event planning and events
  • Thank you notes

One Time Onboarding Fee


Average Monthly Cost

$1,700 - $2,200

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