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POA and Trust Reviewer
Use Case

Ensure the accuracy and completeness of POA and trust documents
to guarantee that they are legally sound and compliant with state
and federal laws!

key responsibilities

Review POA Documents: They carefully examine POA documents, ensuring that the grantor, agent, and powers granted are clearly defined and aligned with the grantor’s wishes.

Verify Grantor’s Capacity: They assess whether the grantor has the mental capacity to execute the POA, ensuring their understanding of the document’s implications and their ability to make informed decisions.

Authenticate Signatures and Notarizations: They verify the authenticity of signatures and notarizations, ensuring that all parties involved have properly signed and acknowledged the document.

Review Trust Documents: They scrutinize trust documents, checking for inconsistencies, ambiguities, and compliance with state-specific trust laws.

Identify Potential Issues: They identify potential issues or conflicts within the trust, such as unclear dispositive provisions or potential beneficiary disputes.

Additional TASKS

Recommend Revisions: When necessary, they suggest revisions or amendments to the POA or trust documents to enhance clarity, address potential conflicts, and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Maintain Confidentiality: They maintain strict confidentiality regarding the sensitive information contained in POA and trust documents.

Adhere to Professional Standards: They adhere to professional standards and ethical guidelines to provide unbiased and objective reviews.

One Time Onboarding Fee


Average Monthly Cost

$1,900 - $2,000

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