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OUR White-glove
out sourcing services

allow you to focus on growing your business while we handle the rest

Every business has unique needs, that’s why we at NightOwl work closely with our clients to design a custom offshoring solution that fits their needs and budget.

From the traditional outsourcing solutions of Marketing and Administration support to our customized personnel support model, the opportunities for savings and growth are endless.


Access to a US and
offshore team of experts
available to you 24/7

Transparent cost-plus pricing 

NOC’s approach centers on
ethics and a positive impact
on the community

Your team trained and
built your way


NOC uses a holistic approach to set up, grow and maintain your teams. Our two-prong approach focuses on supporting your current A-players and adding administrative/ back office support.


We work to discover your team’s needs and the tasks of your A-players that aren’t their highest and best use. Answering the above while adding back-office support raises team morale and decreases operating costs.


Our recruiting process begins by finding the characteristics needed for each role and finding people that align with your core values and company personality.


The hardest part of building an offshore team is figuring out the “HOW.” NOC works with you to integrate your new teammates, train and build the confidence to succeed.

Team Synergy

The true key to success is knowing and working with your NOC teammates as your team – because they are your team.


At NightOwl, we have reimagined what it means to be a BPO. We’ve gone beyond data entry support to offer you and our employees more.

We provide white-glove support, seamlessly integrating our industry professionals into your team to become an integral part of your business fabric.

SOME of our current Use Cases :

Administrative Support

Experience top-notch administration support that goes beyond the ordinary. Our skilled professionals will streamline your operations, focus on data entry, and building reports, and ensure the time-intensive work gets done!

Book Keeper

Supercharge your business with NOC bookkeeping support. Our seasoned professionals meticulously handle your financial transactions, providing you with accurate reports and valuable insights, so you can stay focused on what truly matters—propelling your company forward.

TRansaction coordinator support

Our skilled professionals meticulously handle the paperwork, timelines, and communication, ensuring smooth and seamless deals while you focus on selling and delivering exceptional service to your clients.


Agents should focus on their highest and best use: bringing in new clients. Adding support to take over the admin work, claims processing, quote generation, and more allow you to get the most production from your focused time!


NightOwl Consulting sets itself apart from other offshore companies by prioritizing a partnership approach with its clients – ensuring mutual success and growth. We distinguish ourselves as an ethical and employee-forward company by prioritizing fair treatment, growth opportunities, and development for employees.

Understanding the complexity of your industry

We understand the stress of needing to deliver within a time frame. Our executive team has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry. We’ve ensured that NOC employees hired can handle and thrive in a stressful environment.


Being proactive with employee management is essential for creating a positive and productive work environment. As a partner, NOC anticipates and addresses potential concerns before they arise, fostering employee engagement, reducing turnover, and achieving greater success.


The NOC team understands that no two businesses and no two teams are alike. Your processes, approach, and employee values differ, and with that comes different requirements. Our implementation path is completely customizable for your teams!

Genuine Support

The NOC difference is personified by the support offered to our clients. As a sounding board, a partner in training, and an empathetic teammate NOC is with you every step of the way with a level of engagement determined by our clients. From Day 1 to Day 1001, we are here to be the partner you want!


NOC takes a holistic approach to the hiring process. After we post your approved job description, all applicants take an IQ, EQ, and Work Productivity test. Then, one of NOC’s US-based personnel has an initial interview with the candidate before introducing them to your team. 

Schedule a meeting with NOC at the Book an Appointment button below. From there, we will schedule an initial call to discuss the candidates your business is looking for. 

Most of our clients save 50-65% per role in salaries. Our transparent cost-plus pricing model makes it easy to discover your exact savings!

Any NOC employee hired works full-time exclusively for your company doing your tasks.

Yes, that’s our specialty! We tailor-build and grow your teams to support your company best.

There are two possible setups: Work From Home or In Office. Our more popular setup is work from home.

Our cost-plus pricing is transparent and itemized for your ease of use. We send you a packet for every new hire outlining the salary, benefits, and other costs, plus the management fee from NOC. 

Customized offshoring is a tailored solution that allows businesses to select and outsource specific tasks or processes that best fit their needs. This approach allows companies to optimize resources, increase efficiency, and save time and money.

Are there limits to what NOC can do?

No! NOC can work with any industry/remote role to find success.